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Welcome to LOES, where the art of care converges with a commitment to unparalleled refinement, ushering in a new standard in sophisticated home care. LOES, an acronym for Loving Our Elders and Seniors, embodies a level of care that goes beyond the ordinary, a testament to our unwavering dedication to the well-being of our beloved seniors.


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In the landscape of home care, LOES transcends the commonplace, presenting a brand that is synonymous with tailored elegance and a heightened approach to senior well-being. More than a service, LOES is an embodiment of curated care, where every detail is infused with sophistication.

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Detail is important. We'll visit you and your loved one, discuss their needs, the support they're looking for, and explore what type of Care Professional would be best. Because it'll usually be the same Care Professional (or small team of Care Professionals), we really want to find someone who's a great match.

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Careers with LOES

Careers with LOES

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Getting to know each other

We know good relationships can take time. So in our Care Professional's first few weeks, they'll focus on getting to know your loved one better. Your involvement helps this process thrive, so we'll keep in touch at every stage to make sure everything's going smoothly.



"LOES - Loving Our Elders and Seniors have an experienced caring team that far exceeds in quality anything we experienced from other agencies at this point of service."



"Excellent around the clock (24-hour) care…

LOES provides excellent around the clock (24-hour) care for our Husband.  They give us peace
of mind, especially when we occasionally need to be out of state for several weeks. "



"I would like to thank LOES - Loving Our Elders and Seniors of Wayne for your excellent service.

I would like to thank LOES for your excellent service. In particular, I would like to make note of the exceptional service provided by your caregivers: Mae, and Sandra. I cannot praise them enough for their loving care, hard work, dedication, and wonderful attitude toward a very difficult and demanding job.  Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference for your agency and for these wonderful, loving people.


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Experienced caregivers
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100% satisfaction guarantee
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LOES - Loving Our Elders and Seniors

155 Willowbrook Blvd, STE 110 4920
Wayne, NJ 07470
United States
Tel: 856-343-2494
Email: info@loeshomecare.com

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